Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Thankful For...

It's a new month and a new topic here at Life on a Hill! And this month, we're looking at the theme of Thanksgiving. Each Thursday, one of us will be posting about some things we're personally thankful for. Today is Alyce's turn.

Five things I'm grateful for:
  • My husband - Yesterday, I woke up feeling awful. I felt exhausted, had a big headache, and was not wanting to face the world. I was in for a wonderful surprise when he stayed home from work to look after the kids and me. I got to sleep in until after 10:30!
  • My mums' group - Every Tuesday morning you'll find me at church at the mums' group. Not only does someone look after all the kids for us, but we have some great conversations, bible studies and prayer time. When it's school holidays and we don't meet, I really miss it!
  • God's gentleness - Over the past couple of weeks, God's been bringing up some things from my past that have never healed properly and that He thinks it's time to start dealing with them! But God has been incredibly gentle about it, never pushing or prodding, just gently bringing it up in various situations. You know how sometimes it seems the whole world is trying to send you a message? The same topic comes up in different situations and contexts that are completely unrelated and it seems like one very weird coincidence? Yeah, that.... I'm trying to not run away, but instead start to deal with it.
  • End of semester - I am over halfway through studying my Masters of Gifted Education, and I have about 200 words left to write on an assignment due tomorrow, and then I am done for the year. Which means that on Mondays, when my parents have Jonathan, I can do what I like now and not do study! And now that Isabelle's getting older, maybe she'll be able to start spending the day there too, and I'll be "free" on Mondays to quilt and craft and blog and...
  • The blogging community - When I started blogging very casually and just for a little bit of fun, I never ever thought it would be anything more than just writing out some random thoughts and ideas, with only friends and family reading. If that! But when I started to read other blogs, and walked into the big, wide, world that is blogging in Australia (and worldwide!), I found an incredibly community of fellow mums who just KNEW. I have made some incredible friends, the LOAH ladies included, that I never would have otherwise, and it has been such a blessing.

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